Mais & Fruit / Review

This is a new product by Bonduelle which there have been actually no commercial made for, but I just noticed it between the canned fruits and veggies. This product have been introduced in juli 2008 and is specially aimed for the active woman. The Bonduelle Mais & Fruit is sold in a two pack of two cans of 130ml in the taste of Sweetcorn and pineable or mango and papaya.

The packaging they used for the small cans are called Peelseam and which consist of a special peel off lid. This is different then other conventional peel lids which can be find on many dairy products. This have a much better and airtight seal making sure the product stays fresh until its opened. The cans are fully recyclable and they are actually fully printed. The can is printed with a white base and with quite high graphics on it. The inside of the can seem to be able to print something as well, because the can on the inside is white and not in a metal color with a varnish layer.

Around the two cans is a cardboard packaging holding the two cans. A extra is between the cans they also supplied a folded spoon same like one I already have seen on the Chinese jelly packagings. However I wish they provided two spoons cause of two cans, you would not eat both the same time or eat alone.

The taste is not that bad, also I just really love canned sweetcorn from Bonduelle they are trully the best. The taste of the pineapple is very faint but mostly it's because there is more corn then pineapple. Also not sure why but the color of the pineapple lood bit odd, not really yellow and normal like on the packaging. Actually the corn is more bright yellow then the pineapple bits, on the packaging the corn actually looks more orange then yellow. One things is the cans are just too small and too little, it way less then any snack and does not fill your tummy at all. It more like aimed for small children.

The taste is not bad but the level of pineapple could be more because not its too faint to taste it, because the sweetcorn is just much stronger. The proportion should be more too, cause I rather but the canned sweetcorn mini cans which have a more proper amount which is just enough, cause the normal sweetcorn cans contain just too much. Also the mini sweetcorn cost less then the Mais and Fruit with a better proportion, however the can is not as pretty but still is fairly easy to carry arround with an own spoon to eat anywhere as a snack or lunch.