Marriage Special Coca Cola / Review

This is actual not a standard Coca Cola can you would find in a store for valentines day, this is a special made for marriages and me too did not know this exist before. For sure its give a special extra feeling having to give away cans to people that are special and limited.

For sure this is a great way to get some attention for Coca Cola self keeping in mind that people would have a great memory of that one special day and not Coca Cola is a part of it too. For sure will give people a better and more special feel when buying Coca Cola. However I am not so sure it is a limited cause I think the design is standard for marriages cause they were not special made for just one marriage. But I do think is it only limited to be used on a marriage and not on other occasions.

This could be actually a pretty interesting idea for certain event or something especially like a marriage, because I as a designer know few companies where you can print your own special designs, but it's mostly meant for companies to make them as promotional items. But would be interesting to actually design a packaging for someones marriage, so they would give to their families and friends as a kind of memory of that special day. You don't see your own face printed on a packaging everyday unless you are famous and it should be somethings to give people a kind of taste of the stardom on a special day.

Actually I can do cans packaging I have programs for it and to render realistic picture. And I even know companies where I can print them. So anyone interested could email me if they even wanted something this special, a very own packaging which you could keep a few for the memory and drink and give a way allot.