Saddle marketing / Trend

This is not that new but at the moment there allot of companies using this method to promote their company. However this is actually only possible for countries where there is a cycling culture like the Netherlands. I actually like this marketing because they actually give something usefull, then just spreading a flyers which end up in the trash or on the ground after a few feet's when it is received. These saddle protectors they put over your saddle , are great because they are useful because they keep your saddle dry during stormy and snowy weathers.

This is actually a small collection I had photographed one night in Rotterdam, but there are actually more versions but did not really had time to photograph them all and everywhere, I am sure in other cities they got different ones. Some of the saddles actually have two layers of different companies. Some of them are really funny and also make you really want to have one while others are not even that pretty to have. If you want to see them each up close view it here and you could also join and submit your own photograph of saddle promotions that you have came across.

But this marketing is very interesting because they give away usefull things, which you would not throw away that fast because you can use it. It's now still winter and I got an idea why not give away free icescrapers for cars the cost of each of them are not that expensive plus you be able to print a kind of advertisement on them. And I see when it is winter often people need to buy a new one, if they lost it during the other seasons or the one they got broke.

Also it is less trash because the companies are giving thing people can use and not see it as trash very fast. I think there are going to be more interesting marketing giving free product that cost very little but is very useful during certain periods of the year.


Used Universe said…
This is amazing. I work for a bike shop in Boston and my boss might be interested in these.
Where can i contact the makers of the saddles?
Are there US manufactures that i can contact?
Chung Dha said…
They are saddle covers with colors and not the saddles them selves. At the moment there are only manufactures in the Netherlands. If you want I can do both design and supply them for you and send it to te US by mailing. But minimum order is 500 pieces.
Miles said…
Chung Dha Lam,

I am VERY interested in the custom saddle cover. How do I contact you?