YamYam To Go / Review

This look like a Chinese order you see allot in American movies or series, but there packagings are not often used by Chinese Restaurants all over the world. It's really something invented in America. However this frozen Nasi with Foe Yong Hai is a dutch product also this meal might not sound formilair to people from other countries. Only thing that is bad about the packaging it that they used glue for these sides while they could use a certain hook system so the packaging would had only used a little bit of glue for the label.

This meal need about 10 to 12 minutes to prepare in the microwave. Then 2 minutes of it to heat it self with the package closed. And then I opened it and it was pretty much a mess and only half of the package was filled. Was pretty much a big rip off cause you expect the packaging to be full or more then 3 /4 but it was 1/2 filled. Also it looks nothing like what they show on the packaging, it was a total mess with too much sauce and way too little rice and foe yong hai (was about 3 very small pieces of eggs in it) . What was in the package was way less then 450grams. It was more 200 grams and it was pretty easy to compare with a pizza which is already much bigger and had much more. Could had better spend the money on buying a frozen pizza which have more in it and also more veggies.
Really the worst microwave meal I ever had, even my moms frozen nasi came out better from the microwave than this one. This product ain't going to be a hit if they don't do something about the quality of the product inside, even how good the looks of the packaging is. I rather also have a packaging showing how the product really looks like when they are served and not a stock photo of that dish.