1968 Firebird / Vectorized

Pontiac 1968 Firebird made in vectors in Illustrators time used is 6 hours no gradient mesh used only standard radial and linear gradients. I first made the gray version and later changed the colors to yellow, red, blue and black. I made this for a client and this vector art will be a part of a tshirt design however the shirt is still in judging and I am not just sharing the vectorized Firebird.

Actually allot of poster design and product are often vectorized now so they can be printed in high resolution compared to a design which is made in Photoshop in a bitmap format. If you would big a big 3 meter by 2 meter banner or poster you have to work with 72dpi or 100dpi otherwise you would be working with a insane big sized file which could be as big as 1 gig if you would work at that size on 300dpi.

However Vectors can be resize to any extend even the size of a building without losing any details and also keeping very sharp lines. However vectorizig a picture cost allot because even this car took me 6 hours to put together and would be multiplied with the hour rate the designer is working on, this vector image would have cost about 300 to 400 euro.
Another great thing is that vectorized object are easy to manipulate in colors then bitmap. If you used photoshop changing colors of things it often is not 100 correct and often have parts that is not that great. With vector you can choose every part and alter the way you want. You can see the outline version left that way you can see how I had drawn this car. You can click the picture and see the orginal size on Flickr.