Chong Pak Long Village

At the moment we don't have an own house yet in Hong Kong so I am staying with a friend of mine at his family in a small village called Chong Pak Long which you can not really find using Google search how ever if you know how to walk it you can eventually find it on Google earth. The village actually lies bit outside a city called Sheung Shui, it is about 20 minutes walk from the trainstation. It is also bit going back to my roots cause the building above is the school of the village and my mom actually went to school there.


As you can see it is not really a high tech city or luxurious house however it is very cosy with allot of friendly people. One thing is that I really need to learn more about Chinese costums and however living in a village is more relax being away from all the busy city life.


However the village is expanding and getting new high class houses and in contrast with the old village it is quite and odd sight from just few steps from clean fresh houses to the old village. I am not staying in one of those new houses actually I am staying in a very old one, however I am lucky we have internet so I can blog and check my email.


This is the road that we walk in the morning to go from the village to the city of Sheung Shui, so that we can catch a train to other cities or actually just go to the town center to do some shopping and buying food. At the moment it is actually not that bad living in a small village however going to the city is not that really quick and easy. However already found a new place we could stay at however it would be a while till we would move to it because in a couple of days I am going to Shenzen over to the mainland China which would be another big adventure, and coming back to Hong Kong I would be living at a normal appartment and also might have some news on getting my HK id.