CU vocal

Working in Hong Kong is pretty interesting however I have not learned the full writing skills when I was little I still lack reading allot of Chinese text. However I found a website CU Vocal where you could actually paste the text and it will read it up for you, cause can speak and listen still solved allot for me and making it easy to under stand the text. However some people do write things in a kind of peom style making it even harder to listen to what they actually want to say. But in time listening and seeing the text being read, I could easily learn to read Chinese and maybe even type it too. However writing might be bit harder then typing it, cause typing I just have to type in the sound in english and it will give me few option to choose the word from bit like T9 on a mobile phone. However that is another program.

So if you know how to speak and listen too Cantonese but not write got CU Vocal and paste the text you want to read and it will read it up for you.