Dragon Fruit

Here is something special a Dragon fruit a certain fruit which actually grown and cactus like plants. I bought two of them and it cost me 18,40 HK Dollar about 0,92 euro which is not that really expensive.

I really love this fruit, you rarely find it in Europe they are sold on certain market places but you have to look for them because only some sell them and they are not sold through the whole year. But here in China it is different, I just walk in a Mega store and a big pile of this is lying there for me to pick few up.

What I saw most of them has started to wrinkle a bit on the bottom not sure if they are ripe that way or way too ripe, but I choose the ones which still have a good smooth surface.

What is interesting is that this fruit taste kinda like a kiwi but is super sweet and not sour. Also inside it has tons of black seeds like a kiwi however the flesh is white but does have an almost same texture like a kiwi. But is not that hairy like an kiwi.

This is how it looks inside you can actually peel the skin off like an orange, however splitting it I would advice to use a knife. Also Dragon Fruits are very healthy and have allot of healthy vitamins in it. It is great to mix up with different fruit salads or even normal salads, or just eat is as it is. You can also find this fruit in another color here you see the normal one which is magenta, but there are also a blue version with a different colors flesh.


Unknown said…
Hi, in México this fruit is called: Pitaya, Xoconochtli or Jonocostle. Is originally from my home in Jalisco is where are the most delicious. ¡Viva México!, jejeje


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