Ganten mineral water/ Review


This is one of the interesting bottle packagings in the 7eleven shops it is a bottle of mineral water from Ganten. The bottle design have and overal cilinder shape with a large cap making it possible to be also stacking these bottles on top of each other. Also if you see there are Japanese letters on the bottle and this is an Japanese brand and not from Hong Kong, Taiwan or China, but available in almost everyshops in Hong Kong. I bought it with discount with two bottle for 10 HK dollar which is about 50 Euro cents per bottle. I really love the simplistic design from Japan, this is clean simple and open and much better then allot of the other bottles. However not the cheapest bottle of water you could buy in Hong Kong, and buying daily a bottle is pretty much a must because even not in February it is about 24 degrees celcius and already very warm.