HK island by boat to Wan Chai


Yesterday we went to HK harbour and went with the boat to the other side to do some business with getting form and filling them to get an HK id. It was pretty easy to get to the harbour though and also the boat ride was pretty nice. But it was actually pretty misty to be able to get some pretty pictures of the buildings on the other side.


However still get a kind of mysterious looking skyline of HK island with this picture.

At Wan Chai we went asking about if is was possible to get an id card but first one of the people behind the counter said no, you need to be younger then 18. Then went to the forms counter and asked there and they said yes it is possible, and also got te correct from I found on the internet that I needed to get a HK id. So we got the forms and filled them with the needed info and made copies of them and delivered them to the final counter.

So now the process is in the begin to get my HK id, they will be reviewing if I can get a HK id and will take few months till they would say a yes or no. However the chance is very slim cause of not having my fathers birth certificate, but however I still have anoter document which says that he is born in HK and raised there. So fingers crossed cause it would be muc easier for me to have a HK id then having to get a work visa.