Hui Lau Shan / Review


Number C2 0f the drink list, Watermelon with Aloe vera Jelly. A bit outsite of the mall of Sheung Shui there is a small smoothie cafe or bar where you could order some interesting drink with various mixes and I tried this watermelon mix with aloe vera jelly drink which is very interesting and delicious. Only odd part is when you get part of the jelly in your mouth you feel sudden slippery soft chunks, which was a odd feeling. I really love the tast, it cost 18 HK Dollar about 1,80 euro which is a bit expensive however it is a fresh drink with healthy things. The design is not all and the all transparent packaging might not be all that for some people, however the one I think sould change is it need more color and a better logo, cause the red look bit odd and cheap.