My site blocked in China

I have been reporting my things and blogging from China however I could manage to get into blogger to post things, I could not visit my website / blog to view it, somehow because of that I am using the domain bought at GoDaddy they blocked my website. However now found a way to actually bypassing the Great Wall of China, just by using a proxy websites. They just redirect you to the website you want to visit, here above I am using which does do the job well however you can not do allot but visit pages and site but not fill in any forms to reply at things.

So here is a tip when you go to China and found that your website is blocked and you really need to visit is try searching a free proxy site that redirect you to them. Also another option is using website translator like Babelfish or Google translate, I would advice the latter of because Yahoo is bit blocked and you can not access Babelfish from China.

Also you can actually search if your website is blocked by China I found my site was 20% blockedd in India and 100% blocked in China and the rest of the world could view it normal. You can do this at to check how much percentage is lost while trying to search your website.

With actually knowing this I probably should have a whole business card for China with a different website or acutally some odd link with a proxy redirect so that people could view my work and design. However might be also a good things that it is blocked so people can not steal the designs from me and mass produce some of them without me knowing it.