Nestea Lemon Aloe Vera / Review


Actually I found there are not that muc Nestea stuffs when I went to seven eleven however they are all masked full with Chinese lettering only place you can actually see it is Nestea is the logo and the normal english logo on the cap.

Nestea Lemon Aloe vera tea is not that bad but te bits of Aloe Vera feels kind a big but however it is not a bad drink but mostly lemon tea. Finally see some bigger world wide brands also trying out Aloe Vera because that is pretty big in Asia. Also notice really allot and allot of healthy drink will take a while for me to run through all the drink will be doing a daily report with the drinks.

The worst thing about this drink is the bottle not the graphics but te shape of the bottle really the most ugliest bottle shape design I have ever seen. The ugly part is that there is and odd bottom part added. If you cut away the bottom it would look much better it seem they want a bigger bottle and added a part instead of really designing a good looking new big bottle.