Picture from 天橋skybridges in Shenzhen

I thought it might be interesting showing pictures taken from skybridges. However it it not really that spectacular, it might have been if I had my pro camera and play around with the shutter speed but not really with my mobile cam.
However I had walked pretty far on my very own in a most distance place from my home. And also in a place where almost nobody understand English. However I could fall back on my Cantonese to talk too people and luckily they all write with normal numbers for prices and not with Chinese signs. I would had gone mad if they wrote prices in Chinese too, however I can read 1 to ten and that makes it possible to read up to 99 but anythings higher I would now know what the price would be if it was written in Chinese.

However one thing is that they really don't have much maps and directions to help people to find places. Luckly I have a good feel for directions and could easily find my way back. I actually walked to the city center and also now know how to walk to the trainstation of Lo Wu. Actually everything is not even that far.