Rice box / Review


Here in China and Hong Kong the Rice boxes are fairly different compared to when you order Chinese food in America or in Europe. Here in China you get a plastic foam box which have two sections one is the rice and the other is the meal. While in America you have the well known cardboard type boxes and in Europe you get a kind of Tupperware boxes. It's just something easy fast to order bit like pizza but more on the healthy side because you can choose different veggies dinners or meals. These boxes are made for 1 person to eat however they are fairly big though for me I feel it is more for two persons.

However the foam is not that environmentally friendly compared as does not decompose that easily, while actually in China they are going to use a law of not giving free plastic bags anymore for a better sustainable China. I think it should be better if they would use cardboard packagings somewhat like Mc Donalds hamburger packagings. But the Chinese meals often have more moisture and sauce which might leak throught the cardboard, however nowadays you have good cardboard treated with a special substance so it does not leak. Like cardboard milkpackagings. Maybe if I got time I should look into a cardboard rice box which fit more of the Chinese standards.