SCA Packaging Entry Selftray

The Selftray design is to replace the normal plastic trays inside cookies or various snacks packaging with a cardboard one. This cardboard tray actually uses a special fold to be created and uses non to a low a low amount of glue, depending on a certain design and airtightness. The design is aimed for a more sustainable packaging by using less materials and also replacing plastics with cardboards.

Watch the video and see the tray and how it works.

As you can see the tray can easily unfold and to become one single tray and fold back to a 3 compartment tray. This is for easier to get the cookies out so you have openings between the cookies to make more space to grab the cookies.

The contest seem to be more aimed for the more better chocolate then the actually better packaging design. However this concept is still very useable and could be applied for many cookies packaging and save materials/money and help for a better environment.

So if you are interested in buying this design and the templates from me please contact met on contact @ or go to the contact section and fill in the contact form to email me.