Tsim Sha Tsui


Tsim Sha Tsui is very pretty place to go to and really one of the several places you need to go to when you visit Hong Kong for shopping and viewing the harbor and especially at night. Viewing the light and the buildings from the other side of te harbor.


Also this time in te harbor there are also allot of cruiseships and also allot of interesting things to photograph. After making some picture at the harbor we went with the bus to Mong Kok and also gave a pretty interesting views to make photographs of.


We sat on the top of the bus and I tried to get some interesting picutres of the neon and the traffics. These very intersting picture were made with my mobile phone I never exspected the quality would be this high and good. The best thing is that I can alter the light setting making it possible to choose a better color option with less noise and have better lighting, because the standard setting it much to bright.