60 Adidas 09 part 2

On entry they were introducing the famous people who were at the party. However might have been better if we stayed at that place longer to photograph them instead of going upstairs. Because then could had more pictures of them, however going up stairs early we could easily photography the celebrities without having the big group of press people in the way. Also might get to know who are the celebrities, because I am not from Hong Kong I don't know them all.
Here is Niki Chow , I am a big fan of her cause she is a very good actress in drama series and movies also she is super pretty. Luckily can see Drama series online so got to know who she is.
After a while understand you could get below from the left stairs and that the right one goes to the VIP for celebrities area. Below is a big balls pool where few performances were held and also a fashion catwalk. By the end of the party the balls were all over the place and not much in the pool.
The DJ was pretty bad he did no do nice blend overs and also have a quite bad taste in lining up the certain music. He choose allot of famous songs but did not do a great job in having a correct order, also he did not do good in putting up the atmosphere. Cause really not allot of people were dancing.
I only know the guy on the left he is from LMF and 24Herbs. The other two I am not sure about.
Also I know this guy from LMF, however I probably have missed allot of people who are famous. Or that are famous but I don't even know them at all.
Also a friend of mine was at the party, the guy on the right he is also a boss of a design and event company called Spotz Media. He got in this party because next to being boss he also is a model, so he got in because he is in the PR listing. However did not knew he is that famous cause few times there were people who wanted to get on the picture with him.
After a while it got pretty smokey not sure if thet is was certain effect though but did interfere with some of the pictures. However about 1am the party died a bit allot of people had already left and also allot of celebrities. However been more photographing then actually socializing with the people there.