Back in Shenzhen Again!

Back in Lo Wu or LouHou Shenzhen, to work further more on a project. However I was more happier being in Hong Kong partying with celebrities at the Adidas party hehe.
I have seen these signs last time I was in Shenzhen however I don't know what they actually are for. I see it is about some Universiade in 2011, however what the heck is a Universiade? After Googling it, it is actually a kind of Olympics with multiple kinds of sports, but held with students from different Universities.
Here on the left seem to be the mascot of this event. It is a kind of candy look or fortune cookie, however I doubt the second one because in China they actually don't even know what a fortune cookie is unless the person came from America. But most probably be just that the head of the mascot is the shape of the U of the Universiade. However the design look pretty well done, but never be sure if that is an original design or not because it is China where you have totally no copyrights unlike other countries.