Crossing fence folds

Here is yet another crossing fold that I have found, researching which crossing patterns there is is handy if I ever want to implement it into a packaging design. Also could make some interesting tesselations patterns with different crossing patterns. However always researching and also playing is always interresting to see how certain way you fold something would react, because for these crossing folds I had to invent them myself because there are not allot of informations about this part of origami fold.
I have shown this one already but for sure if a pretty fold making a interesting diamond shape in the middle of the crossing sections. However it take up allot of space however if you have a product that might fit in the shape it might be interesting.
I have kept this cross section bit in a secret up till now because this is probably the best and simplistic one there is, cause I have use this to enter in a contest however seem they were looking at most special chocolates instead of packaging.
This is only cross that stays strong together cause it actually locks itself however the problem is that it pieces which sticks out or the fences can be folded flat to easily which make it to be less usefull, cause the other folds the fences stay up strong and can hold products if needed.

I love researching origami for packaging design I find that there are not that much packaging designers who dare to explore more in origami, most of the packaging designers I know or have met are people who come from Industrial design or Product design and only have learn using plastics and standard cardboard templates. Also at the Packaging design course I took at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam I was particularly the only student who actually explored how to make special packaging with special folds. Actually most of the student just cheat by getting standard templates from a CD rom which they can get from a certain book that is in the packaging classroom. Also allot of they just use use the original packaging allot and just alter the color for redesign. However I always invented new designs each time I made a project.

Also playing and inventing stuff is great for your creativity also get your brain spinning , I would also advice people to play around with origami and actually learn to design own design instead of making things each time from standard guides. Also I think children should play more with origami, cause they could learn the shapes of things and also learn different animal shapes or other things. Also improve their creativity also if it become their hobby you have to spend less on toys but on paper.