Cucumber porkchop bento box

Had been eating bitter guord almost each day since I am in Shenzhen, now some change in ordering bento boxes. Cucumber with pork, it smelled superb when I opended the box and saw this. However they managed to even spice this up, however it is not that extreme spicy. But they didn't took the package of tea with them. Normally you would get a juice box but then with Chinese tea in it, but sometimes they forget to bring it. However this is a pretty good dish and I like the taste, but I rather like a non spicy version of it. In the picture below you can see they added some spicy seeds to make it spicy.
I should actually look for a book about how to prepare these kinds of dishes myself, who know I might be come good at it, for sure I got the taste buds for reviewing food. However having things too spicy is from my point of view not a healthy thing, however there have been tests about having a better metabolism or burning fat faster with spicy food. Cause that the food is spicy you might sweat and burn calories. However I rahter stick with non spicy.