Drag and Scroll / Trend

Grab, drag and scroll is not a new feature or a tool it already exist within several programs like Adobe suit software name the hand tool or the drag feature in Acrobat. However many browser have not notice this handy small feature while designers have been actually designing this feature in allot of flash sites. Also this feature make it easier and faster to navigate around. Normally when you scroll you would be using the scroll wheel on your mouse or otherwise drag the scroll bar. However the feature of grab,drag and scroll is that you grab (click and hold) any place on the website and you van scroll by dragging it to any directions you want, it is actually the same way if you would click and hold the scroll wheel of your mouse. It actually increase the way to navigate around without having to scroll by dragging the annoying scroll bars. However if you are working with a tablet or have a touchscreen you won't have this feature.

I myself have search this feature and there are several ways to implement it on your website. However the best thing would actually be that the browsers would have it as a standard tool to navigate around. However there are several plugins available at the moment above you see the plug in for FireFox, which you can download here.

Watch how to install below and also how it works.

I am sure this will be implemented in the future browsers and not be a separate plug in. Because this is also a feature that will fit well with the future touchscreen computers.