Earth Hour WWF

Yesterday night around 8:30 to 9:30 PM there was a special event held in Hong Kong, the Earth Hour with cooperation between many buildings on the Hong Kong Island and also the Mira Hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui. See here above the result a almost total black out Hong Kong famous skyline, only few companies did not shut down their lights and advertisement signs. However not all the light were off cause there are still people working, but you can see there is less light pollutions then when everything was on. However the most lights that went out were the outer neon or spotlight and the ads banners. But mostly could see that allot of office light stayed on.
This was actually taken after the 60minutes of Earth Hour, cause when I arrived at 8PM allot of buildings had already shutdown their lights. Also there wer announcement made that the lightshow was stopped cause it would had started at the time of the Earth Hour. If you want to view the panorama bigger click here for during the Earth Hour and here for after when everything went on again.
What also was interesting was that the building were that high that they reached the clouds or actually disappears into the cloud/mist. And mostly came to a waiting game to get the show of the tops when the cloud was cleared. However if it was less cloudy I think it would had been better so that we could see what is behind the buildings. For you see there is mist covering it. Also would had been cool if it was a clear sky and would get a starry sky. However this event was reported in the news not allot of people arrived to see it. Actually after a while allot of photographers came and then crowds appear cause of the many photographer people didn't knew what was happening.
After a while I got bored so I went taking pictures of people who were taking picture hehe. 60 minutes was pretty long however was not much to photograph then few boots that were passing and pretty much the same building in other angles.
During this shoot were few noucenses one came from a small Aviva boot that took advantage of people looking at the harbour to the other side. They used a big major bright banner and drove each time closer and closer to the docks. Also it was ruining the shots and also bit in the way. Rather had they also shut their external banner light.
The other was this boat who actually docked in front of us, to let people in for money to get a better front view of this event. It did also left fast, so we had to move to somewhere else. But when it left is was pretty in the way until it went far far away. After the Earth Hour I went to Mira Hotel (who also shut down their light for one hour)to meet Sky Tao at Room One which is a lounge bar where Sky is playing DJ, she is quite good at playing DJ with a great song list with good beats ( ,way better songs used then the guy who played DJ at the Adidas Party). Also she gave the area a great atmosphere almost want to party and dance there, however there were not that many people , also people were more lounging then partying.

The Earth Hour seem not to attracting allot of people watching it. But main point is that Hong Kong needs to change and be more sustainable. Like using an own shopping bag instead of plastic bags, I myself uses my of handbag with inside a folded shopping bag when I go to the supermarket or the normal market. Also unplug everything when I leaf home to be safe plus it does not use any energy, cause when somethings is plugged it still drains energy. Be green be sustainable it will not only save you money but help the environment.