FJS Schilderwerken

FJS Schilderwerken is a painter company in the Hague or in Dutch, Den Haag. They had requested a professional logo with a high class and a feel that would be close to the the logo I had designed for King's Poker Card Casino.

The design I made is a paint roller with thick to thin lines that I drew, the paint roller also has a hidden message if you haven't spot it, the clue is that certain parts are actually the letters FJS. For a high class feel I used the typeface Trajan Pro, which fits perfectly with the design cause it has certain serifs that fit the lines art. The split is for making it possible to use the logo without the extra word Schilderwerken. I have divided the word schilderwerken in to two because otherwise you would have a short name FJS with a major long subtext. Either the logo would be very long shaped or you would not be able to read the word schilderwerken.

Colors for this design are dark navy blue and yellow that is a tad darker ( otherwise it would disappear when using on a white background). Dark blue for intellect and professionalism and yellow for golden and friendly services.
In the end came out a very clean design that is for sure giving a high class feel to it, and it is another piece of art that I can be proud of to put between my portfolio.