Fried Chicken Rice Dish

Today went out eating alone but not at a normal fast food place but actually tried to order something simple at a smaller kind of restaurant. I went to Tai Po supermarkets upper floor where there are several small restaurants. And ordered Kei Ba Faan, which is a fried Chicken breast in a certain sauce with rice and few pieces cabbage.
The cost of it is just 24 HK Dollars which is pretty much the same as a Big Mac menu here in Hong Kong, but this is much more and you get pretty stuffed when you have aten it all. It is a simple dish but much better then Mc Donalds and also healthier. Also would recommend this place cause I have been to several places to eat but this is one of the good and taste places I have been. If you are in Tai Po close to the market go to the top floor and try out the food there.