Futuristic space

This is not some scene from a sciences fiction movie or made with photoshop, this is an actual picture taken with my mobile camera. In the busy place like Hong Kong I actually see that people don't watch around them that much while there are allot of beautiful places and interesting scenery's. This was actually taken standing between two huge buildings and looking up and took this pictures. However it look like some futuristic platform and you could jump from left to right. And with the grey sky it looks super interesting. If I find any more of such intersting places I will make pictures of them and show them.


Jenée Jernigan said…
What a stunning image. The things you can miss if you don't bother looking up.
Anonymous said…
cool! looks like an abstract painting.
Cintia de Sá said…
Good Shot!
It reminds my project of take pictures from the bus windows, during the daily travel between home and work. You can see at Flickr some photos I've taken:

I live in Rio de Janeiro and the shots are diferent from that you use to see from the "The Marvelous City", full of details and ordinary things that we don't care.