Guai lin go medicine pudding

Actually this pudding contains several herbs and kinda taste close to 24herbs beverage but less stronger. One part of the herbs is a turtle, not sure which part of it but they often show the shell of the turtle. This pudding is also a kind of Chinese medicine which cleanses your body so you can also eat it even though you are not sick. However cause of the special herbs this is not a cheap thing to eat, it cost 50 HK Dollars for just this bowl. You can get it warm or cold, depending on the kind of weather you could choose which you prefer. I choose warm cause never had warm one before and it pretty doable it slide down your throat fast so you won't get to taste much of the nasty medicine taste. Also they have a bottle of syrup on the table that you could ad to make it less bitter, however people say it is better without so the medicine part of the pudding would work better.
However it is not really something I would like to eat daily I eventually had to eat up the whole bowl. However I rather eat the cheap canned versions, which taste better but actually taste like another sort of pudding. However nobody knows if those canned are good at all or even is the real thing or not. Pretty much have now reviewed the extremes of Chinese medicine stuff, will not jump further into those drinks or things you have to eat with extreme gross taste.