Ice skating at Kowloon Tong

Today went to Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong and saw that there was a short performance of McDull on ice. Not sure if this is a normal routine just after smoothing the ice. However it would been better if I had my Canon SLR with me so I could take some interesting pro pictures. However still made some interesting pictures with my mobile.
However after watching it I got bit interested in skating myself I haven't been on the ice with skates since high school which is about 7 years ago. However seem to still know how to skate normal but seem doing trick is a bit harder, also need to find balance when skating low speeds but high speed seem to be fine. Also the ice is not really that smooth, there are allot of big groves and puddles. I fell about 3 times and twice cause by my skate hooking in a grove or puddle and one for an emergency stop because two persons stopped right in front of me. And also allot of close called cause my skates hooked into grove making me doing 360 spins and loose my balance. But skating seem to be a great full body workout because you need to stay balanced you need to use your whole body to balance yourself. However I need to learn more to be doing tricks again. However I seem to be pretty lucky with the times I fell, I did not hurt me self to bad just few bruses , but saw others needing needing assistance to walk to the train. Actually you see allot of injured people walking out of Festival Walk, because there are allot of people who don't know how to skate and want to try with out properly learning it.