Interesting buildings

This is probably a shot that allot of people make that is making a picture outside the apartment and just see only tall buildings and not horizon at all. However I zoomed in a bit cause I actually do a have a nice view of the mountain a bit and of the shopping mall. However it is a pretty interseting sight for me because in the Netherlands we don't have so many talk buildings close to each other that often. Where I live in the Netherlands is also a tall building but I have a view that stretches for miles and can see a horizon in the far distance and city that are miles away when the sky is clear.
The mall has a extreme interesting roof it contains of allot of pyramids shaped windows and all next to each other giving this interesting scene. To make it even more interesting I made one where I held my camera in an angled and capture all the panels in one.
Not sure how there is a package on the roof but sure spoiled this picture a bit otherwise would had been only the pyramid shaped roof window panels all over the picture.