Jogging at Waterfrontpark Tai Po

Yesterday I have been jogging at the waterfrontpark in Tai Po running van the bridge at the edge of Tai Po to the very end of the Waterfront where I have taken this panorama shot with my mobile camera. If you see some black lines in the pictures and have seen this also in other picture it is either there is a small hair stuck in my phone lens or there is a certain malfunction with the lense causing that small line, however with jogging I would rather take my phone with me then having a DSLR around my neck and bumping it around while running. Also it is a very first time I had made a panorama picture using my cell phone and later stitch it together with Photoshop with photomerge. If you want to see this picture large click here.
At the waterfrontpark there are certain length given from how far it is but the starting line actually is pretty much in the middle of the route while I actually start running from the bridge. So I reckon if you start running from the bridge in total length it would be 2 km in total to run from the bridge till the end. It took me 11 minutes to run that length which I had timed, however it was timed on my last run when I was pretty exh. And I also had to run back and actually I ran the route twice making the total length that I had ran about 8 km.
I also went up the lookout tower of the park and made few interesting picture of the tower and also from the top of the tower. It is pretty high that tower and you can look pretty far from it. I think I need to go there once with my Canon 1000D to take some interesting photo's.
I am sure on a sunny day with a clear blue sky I could make some very intersting pictures here and maybe if I have time to walk instead of running I will take my camera with me instead and take picture of this place and all the people who are either jogging or cycing there.