My brown iris

I said I would keep track of my iris color development however it has not been quite sunny so not much different, this new shot above is made with my professional camera a few weeks back. And for sure using my professional camera does it better and using the flash instead of a window for the light source, cause now you only see a small reflection of the flash and not a whole window and the camera. You can now see my brown iris color better. However I know there is such things as an Iris scanner but still doubt it could work properly if your iris adapt itself, meaning if you were going to a sunny place and your eyes adapt and changes color the scanner would not work proper. Also depending on the amount of light your iris changes the size of your pupil so also means a major change. However I would rather keep full face recognitions, plus passport and a certain code for entering a high security place then all those so called identity scanners. If you want to see a bigger version of the close up click here. An odd things that you can see that my pupil is not 100% black and the edge of it is, not sure if it is the lighting or just some odd setting.

However some people think that is something that is impossible, however like your skin your body can produce element or change to adapt itself to survive better in certain conditions. Like if you tan more and have a darker skin you would not get burned that easily with darker skin tone.