My shopping for food in Hong Kong

Pretty healthy looking fridge and clean looking fridge. A tip for people that are visiting Hong Kong is do not buy veggies or fruit at the supermarket, there are several reasons first they are not kept fresh correct and often are not even very fresh at all. Also you are paying more then you have to.

Always search for the nearest market places they got allot of fresh fruits and veggies. Also you get to so more happy faces and can ask for tips how to prepare things. I bought the four oranges just for 10 HK Dollars, the four appels for 20 HK Dollars and 5 corn cobs for 10 HK Dollars . A tip for water instead of having to buy new bottles of water you could also boil the water from the tap and then keep it in a water can in the fridge to keep it good.

In Tai Po you have several places you could buy things they are actually not that far apart from each other. First is the big Tai Po Market building where you have fish and meat on the lower level, fruit ,vegetables, take aways, accesories on the second floor and on the top level you have small restaurants where you could stay and eat or also take away. However the takeaway on the second floor are cooked meat like Cha Sieuw or roast duck and more. Another place is just outside of the building just across the street, but they sell less veggies actually but more fruits, meat and also cooked meat and bread shops which there is non in the market building.
Also you have a street that is called Fu Shin Street where is also a small temple if you like to visit one or just look inside how one looks it is a very odd one place between building and quite hidden.
Fu Shin street is a long street with allot of shops where you can buy allot of things for a low cost. Also dishes, bowls and other needed stuff. Also there is one bread shop right in the middle on the oppisite side of the temple. However for the lowest price I advice to go to the other bread shop close to the Tai Po market. Also close to the Fu Shin street is the Railway museum. However don't go to Fu Shin Village instead which is a shopping mall and is all the way on the opposite side of town.