New MSN / Review

I am now using the newest MSN version for a couple of days now I actually don't like it at all. They replaced the icon which would show the status of your contacts with a small light icon that would change colors when they are in different status. However the colors and the clarity of the colors are so bad that it is hard to see what their status actually is. If you are a bit color blinded you don't see the status well untill you opened the chat browser to see what status the person is on.

A feature for adapting the design to your own liking is for me bit too little to make it prettier. I rather have a full acces of the full background to make my own design though. However one thing I do have to give to them is that if you put a certain photo of your own in it, it would recognize the color and adapt the rest to give it about the same feel. However I would rather change the whole colors of the design. Cause mostly the colors stays pretty bright, if you had a vista total black theme on it would totally not fit in with the rest of the design on your desk.

One thing is that they show below a bit too much information about the other persons. You can actually see what other are doing, it give and up to date message of who and who are chatting together and what music they are listening and more. I find it a bit too much information given away and would not want everyone to see what I am doing all the time when my msn is on.

You can press the wrench button to go tho a web page where you can choose options of what info you want to see of others. Then on the right there is a option button and a menu will pop up and choose more options you will then go to a new pages en then on the right there will be section about that updates part. Choose then choose your updates for altering the messages that would be send to others or the other for updates send to you, to alter the settings to your liking. Would had liked it more if they just places these option inside msn self then having to search a certain webpage on to alter the settings.

All includes I'd rather be using the previous version. Where I can actually recognize the status by a good visual of the status then the different colored dots.