Second submission to Ella Koon Logo

I had asked Ella Koon if people could submit more then just one logo entry and you can send more then just one. So I made a second design however the first design seem to be pretty powerful and might be hard to top even by me making a second or third design. Even this second design is a good logo but seem to have a less stronger effect on the eye then the first one entry.

However I find this second design have a more feminine design with a face of a lady or the face of Ella Koon with a crown on her head. However if you look at the picture in a different way you could see a flower instead of a face. Also more mysterious, however the first seem to be more alive and popping like the funny and bright side of Ella.

Also finally some logo designs haven't done much the last few months so need to do bit of catching up and make sure my skills are not getting rusty. Cause one skill of mine got rusty and that is my skills to draw persons realisticly, I can still draw humans but the faces are that of a human and geometric correct but the face looks like someone else instead. It is pretty hard to discribe but also bit ashamed to show them. Will show some when my skill of drawing has come back and can draw people realistic again.

But who knows the deadline is on 13th of April, so there is allot of time left to enter and design a logo for Ella. Please submit and support Ella she is a great singer and actress.