SheOne X GarageWorks

Last night I went with a friend to Cheung Wan Des Vouex West to visit GarageWorks where a special exhibitions was held. They were displaying the works of SheOne a legendary graffiti artist from London.
I arrived at the exhibition pretty late around 9 PM while it already started at 8. However probably missed quite few interesting persons like Tim Tsui and Pal Wong who are famed for designing toys. However I did not missed the Live Art performance held by SheOne himself, also I had the perfect spot to take picture because I actually stood in the middle and front row. And made a pretty impressive set of pictures.
After the live art performance SheOne signed few of his designer toys that he had made and few people bought.
I got to say SheOne have a very interesting autograph that he had designed cause of his grafitti and tagging background. His typography is quite impressive.
Here are the two figures that he had autographed and waiting to dry so they can be put into a special SheOne bag. He also draw a piece of art in one of his fans black book.
However the exhibition was not all that big but the design is pretty interesting. Cause I know SheOne make things just by doing it and without planning or actually have a certain meaning to it. Just that it looks good and impressive, and that is just how art sometimes could be.
I got to know about this exhibition by Chris Kong who added this event to Alive Not Dead. Thank you for this interesting exhibition and hope to see more of them in the future. To see even more pictures of this event visit my Flickr to view more.
Chris Kong