Tofu fruit mix

First time tried a tofu mixed up with fruit. However it is not a normal tofu used that you replace meat tofu block which most Western ( meaning Europe / America) people know, because you can also make pudding or deserts with tofu. I really recommend it to try out some tofu deserts or soya drinks when you are in Hong Kong, because those taste really good compared to the industrial soya drinks and desert from European / American companies, which mostly taste like nothing at all. Well prepared soya drink and tofu deserts are very sweet and have the certain soya taste, also it is very healthy because soya / tofu contains allot of vitamins and proteins. It is a great replacement for drinking milk, because it also contains calcium. This is the first time actually eating it mixed up with fruits and it is pretty well done actually could even make it at home. You can actually go to the Chinese Toko when you are not in Hong Kong ( in HK would be just a plain supermarket) and buy sacks of tofu deserts in powder form, only thing you have to do is to pour the powder in a cup or bowl and ad hot water. And after a few minuted you have a delicous tofu pudding and just add some fruits to it to make it even more healthier.

This one I actually ate at a special desert restaurant that just lies on the edge between Tai Po and Tai Wo. You can easily walk to it from the centre of Tai Po. However in Tai Po self or close to the trainstations are also allot of these kind of restaurants that only sells deserts. Mostly after eating at a restaurant which clearly most of the Chinese restaurant does not have much of a desert menu you could go to those restaurants and enjoy a desert. Also on hot warm days you can enjoy cold healthy deserts at these places instead. This was a cheap desert costing just 18 HK dollars about 1,80 Euro. However eating things out often kost not that much also some things might even cost less eating outside then prepared at home.