Xtra energie drink / review

This is not a bad drink but it is a bit hard to describe the taste but it is not a drink that is the same as redbull because the taste is very different. This taste was I think pomelo taste and was pretty good to drink. The graphic design is pretty simple and looks sporty and correct aimed for the target market.

The bad point of this product is actually the packaging not the graphics or the shape but the actual material they used. You might think this is a plastic molded bottle however this is actually a glass bottle with a shrink wrap label and a plastic cap. You actually notice it after you drank up the bottle you think why is this empty bottle so heavy. Then you try to squeeze it smaller and then you finally would notice it is actually a glass bottle. What is bad about it is that you would be throwing a glass bottle in the normal trash cans and not in the correct glass bins which are only places in certain areas and not everywhere in the cities.

Also I think they would save pretty much using plastic instead of glass bottles. Because they would have to use less materials to build the bottles and the transport of the materials would be less and the size of the bottles and would be a bit smaller meaning they could transport more. Also would but much more sustainable using plastic then glass, because there is less energy used in producing and transporting when using plastics instead of glass.