7Eleven Mug Mug / Review

Today finally gotten a Mug Mug free at 7Eleven, however you have to safe up some stickers which you would get from purchasing things for a certain price and you would have to get 10 stickers to finally get a mug. However too bad you could not choose which mug you would had like to get. Cause actually the dogs looks much cuter then the cats and the Pug is most adorable with the big sad eyes. However the mugs are pretty small most likely for children however pretty great to have more mugs and totally free, hehe.
It's not a pug however a Beagle is still pretty adorable and the print is pretty good with a very high resolution print. I can actually blow up the picture that I have photograph of the cup and print it big with a high resolution of the dog still. I really love these kind of picture I should try to get a fisheye lense for my Canon so I could to these pictures myself too and maybe just photograph pets on the streets with this.
Another this is that the dog actually sticks out of the cup a bit and they beveled or embos the print so the beagle stick out more, however the cup is not 25cl big but more 20cl. For sure pretty intersting print and design for this cup however would had love it to be bigger. Also for 5 stickers you could pay 10 HKD but the cup but when you have 10 stickers then the cup is free, or you could but 2 cups for 20 HKD with 10 stickers. Also not sure when this will end also there is not that much promoted for it but still interested to collect more, plus daily still buy allot at 7Eleven en pretty much can easily collect more.