BBQ at Sai Kung filmstudio

Actually had saturday allot of options to go to but went with a friend to a BBQ in Sai Kung at a BBQ area with in a filmstudio set area. However didn't really bother barbecuing but more with playing around with my camera setting and see if I could do some interesting effects with some different settings. Bottom left as you see there is a bbq fork falling in the fire, a friend of mine wasn't really smart in handling it.
Eventually it caught fire and tried to get it out and ended up with few intersting picture of the burning fork. What is intersting and funny that barbeque pork in Chinese literally burning fork.
The setting and surrounding is pretty interesting and bit of a jungle feeling however bit too much human made. But with all the wood and plants closeby and barbequing is not really that safe, also with allot of drunken idiots it could become super dangerous if any of the wood caught fire.
After feasting we played with of table tennis however the lighting made it hard to see where the ball went plus. However I could take some interesting action shots. These effect were done with a flash light plus a slow exporsure time about 1 second. At the bbq actually I did not ate that much there and came pretty late and had to pay equal ammount as the other it was not a cheap party cause going to the filmset the taxi fair costed 70 HKD and BBQ costed 100 HKD each person.