Bus ride Hong Kong

I finnally found a bus ride from Kowloon Mong Kok to Tai Po, bus number 72x which ride in Mong Kok over the Argyle street, however in the city it was bit hard to photograph but on the high way it was much easier.
There are actually pretty interesting bend and up and downs here in Hong Kong no wonder people like to race cars here and also filmed movies about illegal car racing and motorcycling racing on the streets.
I also had the luck to sit on the front seat on the top level of the bus and got a pretty good sight of the road in front.
And again a shot of the tunnel inside but now instead of looking back, looking forwards. Would be a cool ad if this shot had only the same cars or brand in one line and just have to put a cool slogan in it to make it into a ad poster.
At the end of the tunnel is a tol where if you are riding with a normal car you have to put a small amount. However not sure if it is on certain times or not cause sometime see cars passing through without stopping to pay. However busses have no problems passing it and don't have to stop. Also you have to press a button for it to stop at a certain point it is not the same as small busses where you need to ask the chauffeur to stop at a certain street, these big busses have stops like other normal busses over the world. However traveling with the bus make you pretty drowsy and sleepy, rather be riding with the train and actually at Argyle street where you get off the train switch to the bus. However the bus stop of 72x is closer to my home then the trainstation, but I am not sure which is faster or cheaper I need to check that out for the next time.