Easter Eggs in Hong Kong

However Easter is not much that big of a event in Asia as it is in Europe or America. In the Netherlands you pretty much could already buy Easter stuff right after New year has ended. However here in Hong Kong only since last week there was some displays showed in various malls in Hong Kong. But not much product sold with a Easter theme. In Asia people don't celebrate it like other places on the world however still it is bit introduced but most people don't do much with this holiday. Here at Tai Po super mall there are special artistic eggs displayed. They are all carved and painted or pasted with crystals.
Is that a monkey riding a bull?
These are ostrich eggs and that is also why they have such a thick wall and able to make such interesting carvings. However I am not sure if they actually carved it by hands or actually using a computer with a CNC drill to make these. HoweverI have seen shows about this and people mostly does this by hand. However the most specials were the whole set of American presidents carved on chicken eggs.
Someone have been slacking or have made a major error with the name tags cause both Bush and Obama have both names Bill Clinton, however their nam in Chinese are written correct but not their name in English.
However it is not only the recent but the whole list from the very first till the most recent but also they have the Chinese presidents also.
However if you look at the detail I doubt these are hand done the are way too perfect I think this is for sure made with a computer then by hand. For sure the most interesting open public expo that I have seen that was held at Tai Po. Some where else they had someone singing however not a famous person but she sang pretty good plus she sang allot of famous songs.
However if you look at the expo you can see they use pretty big stages and seem to be intersting and use allot of money to make the decor and decorations. However I think it would be intersting to design these kind of things and maybe try to have my own exhibition somewhere with my own work and designs.