Karaoke in HK

This is actually the very first time I went to a Karaoke in Hong Kong, mostly have been playing karaoke when I was small at parties at friend or family but never to a actual karaoke room. We went to Neway in Mong Kok, it is a bit outside of the central part of Mong Kok.
Also the very first time I ever encountered microphone covers that are like these, notmally they are like a king of sponge or foam but these are fabric.
First we got a big room however that was way too big where you could easily fit 8 or more people while we were just with 4 people.
Then we went to a smaller room, which was way smaller plus smaller tv with less image quality, however more Japanese crap feel with this small room, however you can fit 4 to 5 people easily with the smaller room.
What is interesting was that they also got special drinks for your throat, they got lemon tea with ginger, however I did not taste it. Also they have a buffet that is included with the price of the room, you can actually eat as much as you want and the buffet is open till 10 pm. You can eat from snacks to Chinese or Japanese dishes. Also included was beer and if there is still left you could bring them back home with you.
Here on the left is Athena who is working with Alan on a movie, that night we would had shot a part of the movie but the camera men had an emergency and had to leave before we started. In the middle is Alan who I am learning allot from, about the Chinese design and media and more. Alan is pretty good in rapping and freestyling making up own text with the melody of the songs, plus he can do great impressions of certain artist. On the right is Jenny she is a great singer, for sure she could become a famous singer with her voice.

I mostly did not know much of the lyrics of most songs, cause mostly I know allot of old songs or just or remember the chorus of the songs which are most known. Mostly because I can't read all the Chinese words I it is hard for me to sing. However I found Karaoke is pretty much a good way to learn the words though cause you can read and listen what they mean. Might be better sticking to English next time or need to listen too more Chinese songs and try to sing with it to get the whole lyric in my head.