NBA Hong Kong Launch Party / Event

April 24th I went to the Kong Launch party. I actually did not knew about this party till very late, also gotten a invite for it pretty late while I was not at home. However went there with Alan and day before Ivon asked if we would go there. Actually the party was full with people from Alive Not Dead artist. Also had to leave early cause we had to film a band who were playing at the Fringe Club.
During the party 24Herbs and MC Jin were performing however I couldn't get a good shot of Jin while he was performing. But gotten pretty good shots using Live View on my Canon holding it the camera above the head of the guy standing in front of me.
After the performances there was give away of few signed basketballs.
After the giveaway Tung Tung aka Miss Yellow played. And were few things you could also do at the party like play basket ball and all kind of free drink and stuff.
At the party were allot of Alive Not Dead artist cause the event organizer is Alive Not Dead. However couldn't stay long at the party and talk with everyone cause we had to leave early for to film a band. But however hope to meet all Alive Not Dead people at the upcoming Alive Not Dead 2nd anniversary.