Patrick Bovin / Inspired

Patrick Boivin. A French Canadian autodidact director, who have made this wonderful instpirational stopmotion movie of Ironman VS Bruce Lee. The stopmotion movie is one of great quality if you would only look at the shots with Ironman you might think the suit is from the movie then that it is an actual Ironman toy.

He also shows how he makes these amazing stop-motion movies, where you could learn allot from. He actually uses a green screen and some interesting household tools to hold the toys and objects. Check out the making of the Black Ox Skateboarder.

And here is the final of how the movie looks like.

Credits to Patrick Boivin, check out his Youtube channel for more of his interesting video's. He also does some interesting artistic videos apart from only stopmotions, also there are few games he made on Youtube features some interesting stopmotions.