Premier of Dai Fu Lou

April 23 the first prints and designs of Dai Fu Lou series has started.

Coolest funniest but also interesting character. Dai Fu Lou meaning in Cantonese Underwear man, is a special character made for showing off what normally is not shown. Everyone wears underwear and they buy ones they think are pretty, however they never show them unless it is to their partner. We want to show what is on the bottom can also be on top. The Dai Fu Lou designs are made by Jona Lam and Alan Leung.

Dai Fu Lou #00, Dai Fu Lou #0 and Dai Fu Lou Simon Yin. Simon Yin from CB Fresh is the very first of the series which are the characters are based on a real person.
Shirts prints
Here above you see the very first print of the designs before they were pressed on the shirts which were worn the very same night at various locations and events.
Also the very first tag and autograph of Dai Fu Lou has been placed in the Fringe Club exhibition, which was the very first place we showed our new born characters on the very first shirts.
Our very first shirts were colored purple especially for the Purple party at night that was held at the Mint with the main theme to wear anything purple and also in the mix with Alive Not Dead.
At the purple party the 3rd shirt was shown and worn by Simon Yin himself, a day earlier we've met Simon at the IShotHongKong network event where we asked him if he would like to have a Dai Fu Lou character and a shirt with it for the purple party and he said Yes!!! IMG_0116IMG_0127IMG_0174IMG_0179
To get to know more about Dai Fu Lou go to or follow this blog If you have shot any picture of anyone wearing the Dai Fu Lou shirt, you are welcome to post them on Dai Fu Lou flickr group.