Psychic Worker / Review

I love how wrong this character design is, here in Hong Kong they like to use characters to represent things or show certain feelings. However this character looks like he is trying to use his psychic powers on you, look out or we would control your mind with out psychic powers. I can think of thousand of things when I see this character.
However this character is actually use to apologize with his hand giving a apologizing gesture, however it seem not too be a real general gesture while it is a certain hand gesture that def people use but it is not a normal international gesture. I find a normal character bowing down as apologizing gesture better then with both hand next you the head. Also the hand gesture is not correct you can see the palm of this hands but those should actually be the top of the hands instead.Centreren


Joseph Wu said…
Actually, although the picture is a little strange, there's nothing wrong with it. The palms should be showing, and the man is at the beginning of a bow.

Here's the bottom of the bow:
Chung Dha said…
Not a bow like that that is a bow for praying or more kneeling and bow. I ment a normal bow just top half of the body.

Uhm have you actually tried putting you own hands in that positions it aint ergonomic. Someone told him to hold his hands up and not as apology.