Purple party / Photography

23 April I attended the Purple party at the Mint. however the dress code was to wear anything purple, however most of the ladies did follow the rules, but most of the guys just came in without having themselves dressed in purple.
However I, Alan and Simon did follow the rule cause we had purposely made the first few Dai Fu Lou shirt that day and though would be good to make them especially to wear it at the purple party, plus we did not have any other purple clothing.
However the party was more for testing two very new cocktails and also promoting some alcoholic drinks. They placed a giant version of one of the bottles which was made out of ice, if you ordered that drink someone would get on top of the bar to pour the drink in the top and it would come out cold below.

During the party there were few promo girl promoting the Patron drinks, which you could recognize wearing the Patron hats.
At the purple party was also a performance of a great vocal band called Metro. However I had to miss the performance cause we had to leave early to shoot a DJ performing at Billion. But already have seen Metro performing at the Speak Up EVENT. The Mint is a pretty interesting place they have a very big aquarium with cover most of the walls on one side and in the VIP area they have a big aquarium with allot of small sharks. Here below are the rest of the snapshots taken at the Purple Party event.
To view even more pictures and pictures that I might have taken of you go to my Flickr set here.