Rooftop Photoshoot

Probably most interesting places in Hong Kong are the old buildings which are now disappearing. This is actually the roof of Alan Leung studio apartment, I wanted to get some shots of the roof and antenna shots cause I know here in Hong Kong allot of people uses a antenna to recieve television instead of dishes or cable tv.
Actually the acces going on the rooftop is pretty easy cause you just have to take the stairs and the door is pretty much always open. Also cause allot of people dry their clothing on the roof.
It is actually pretty interesting to see so many antenna trying to reviece radio waves to watch tv, and that there are not that much dishes compared to antennas. On the new building most of tv connections are provide by one central dish which provide tv for everyone, however if you want more channels you have to buy a box to decode the extra channels. Mostly the extra channels you can recieve and watch it but they are in negative color or black white.
I actually love getting on the highest point or a roof to take shots of the surroundings also it is pretty interresting cause not everyone have ever been on a roof, while walking on the streets where thousand of people have passed and photographed is not that interresting as a roof. I want to see if it is possible to get on the roof where I life, however I doubt is because there are als sort of surveillance camera hanging also to the acces of the roof.


cintia said…
Beautiful mess, good shots pretty colors