Sai Yeung Choi Street

This is actually one of the oddest streets in Mong Kok cause during certain times the streets is open for people to walk and all vehicles are prohibited to enter. However the varity of shops make it interesting also because it is stated next to the Ladies market. The most intersting shop of this street is on the very end almost to Yau Ma tei which is an art supply store which is truly major with everything you could ask for, however what is not great about it, are the service by the shop workers. They actually don't even know if they got certain things or not and pretty much very lazy to help you out searching it or explaining things. Also today was a warm day and all the airco on all the shops were turned pretty high and I can't seem to stand the dry air that comes from the airco I get a very dry throat each time I get in a shop and need to drink something very fast otherwise I begin to caught and people might think I got some major decease or something. Also my friend appartment mate is smoking allot and each time I am home I start to caught, I am thinking moving to the studio which means less expenses on traveling plus a much better environment cause nobody smokes there.