Speak up E.V.E.N.T. 01/04

Yesterday I went to Central Hong Kong at the Philia Lounge to a special event promoting all artist called Speak Up E.V.E.N.T. which was held by Artist Events Company.
At the event were also allot of Alive Not Dead people, however I don't know much of the whole community, only the ones I am friend of or fan of. Seem I need to learn more about the people there however I was pretty much photographing more and enjoying the atmosphere then actually networking.
First up was the movie The other end of the Gun, with Kate Sullivan acting the lead role of a professional hired killer. The movie was quite funny while also having allot of serious parts, thinking about the Jackl and Hyde side of a professional assassin.
However I was actually trying to capture bit of the emotions of the crowd during the film, but was quite harder then I had expected cause the laughter of the comedic part are pretty short, while someone recorded the whole movie on her pocket cam. Also someone fainted watching the movie. I pretty much saw how he fainted and fell, pretty much could had captured that moment on my camera but just looked and saw him falling.
Also I was not the only person making photo's cause Elden Cheung on right was also photographing. Also I had gotten some pointers by Alan Leung which camera settings to use at this place. Also there were several artist preforming however bit too much for me to remember them, also I have not heard of any of them before. I still need to learn who are famous and who is who.
And then came the speak up round for people to introduce things. However I was bit too shy also thought that you needed to introduce a certain event while you could also introduce yourself. There were also few prices given away during speak up and at the end there was a draw in the bowl of business cards and allot of people missed out cause they were not there. However I was still there and won a price of $200 gift certificate to eat at one of the restaurant of Concept Creations.
The Speak Up event is held every month so next time I think I should be photographing less and do more talking and also introduce myself during the speak up round. And try to find other designers who comes to these events. If you want to see more picture of this event visit my Flickr page here.